HK Audio L3 Compact Venue Pack
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The combination of two L3 112 FA mid/high units and two L Sub 1500 A subwoofers delivers plenty of punch for a band with a classic four or five-piece lineup to easily entertain up to 300 people. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your compact LINEAR 3 system set up and dialed in. Achieving superb sound is a quick-and-easy drill with preset buttons on the back of the speakers and smart DSP filter settings. The LINEAR 3 Compact Venue Pack fits in your band’s van with room to spare, you can even get it in the trunk of a car. This pack comes with peace of mind built in, so you can look forward to your weekend gigs without a worry in the world.

Compact Venue Pack features two LINEAR 3 112 FA cabs and two LINEAR Sub 1500 A subwoofers
Two K&M speaker poles and four covers included
All components fine-tuned to match perfectly
Total power output: 4,800 watts
Four EQ presets
Advanced DSP technology: you don’t need to be a sound engineer to enjoy high-end audio
Intelligent Multiband Limiter to keep your sound sweet at every volume level
For audiences of up to 300

2 x L3 112 FA
2 x L Sub 1500 A
2 x L3 112 FA Covers
2 x LINEAR Sub 1500 A Covers
2 x Speaker Poles
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