Nexo PS8 Package
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Nexo PS8 Speaker system. Includes :

2 x Nexo PS8 Speakers
2 x K&M 21435 Speaker Stands - Black
2 x 10M Van Damme Black Series 4-Core 2.5mm2 Speaker Cables with Neutrik NL4FX Connectors
2 x 2M Van Damme XLR Audio Cables

1 x Nexo DTD-T-U Digital Controller
1 x Nexo DTD-Amp4x0.7 Digital Power Amp
1 x Road Ready RR2UED Shallow 2U 19" Flightcase

The controller and amplifer are supplied rack-mounted. The controller is supplied with the latest firmware uploaded and is configured for use with Nexo PS8 speakers. The amplifier is setup for bridged operation and will deliver peaks of upto 500W into each 8-ohm PS10 R2 speaker. Total system power is therefore 1000W.

The total combined weight of the compact amplifier rack ( including the weight of the flightcase, controller and amplifier ) is only 16KG.

XLR and Speakon connections are patched between the controller and amp. The DTD-T-U controller features a patchbay on the front panel, so all XLR and speakon connections can be made at the front panel of the rack. The rear lid of the case is removed in use to allow airflow ( for cooling ) and mains power connection ( UK mains cable supplied ).
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