Allen & Heath Avantis Digital Mixer


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Allen & Heath Avantis Digital Mixer
Allen & Heath Avantis Digital Mixer ThumbnailAllen & Heath Avantis Digital Mixer ThumbnailAllen & Heath Avantis Digital Mixer Thumbnail
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96kHz Sample Rate for Ultra-high resolution audio
64 x Input Channels with full processing
42 x Mix Busses
Flexible Mix Architecture
Powerful XCVI Core Processing - 0.7MS Latency / Phase Coherent
Dual Full HD Touchscreens with Continuity User Interface
Huge Range of remote expanders
dPACK upgrade available for additional dLIVE processing ( not included, must be ordered separately if required )
Strong but lightweight metal chassis

The third mixer based on Allen & Heath's 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine, Avantis puts next-generation technology in a 64 channel / 42 configurable bus console, with dual Full HD touchscreens, a super-flexible workflow with Continuity UI, extensive I/O options, add-on processing from our flagship dLive mixing system, and a rugged full metal chassis.

With a massive 206 square inches of screen space operating at a crisp 1080p Full HD resolution, Continuity UI allows you to see and instantly interact with more of what matters, enabling a seamless connection between the physical controls and the displays.

The faders react on touch to immediately highlight the active channels for instant visual feedback.

The channel rotaries let you work gains or pans, then at the touch of a button, dynamically fold the display to show EQ or compressor parameters across the whole bank.

Each screen also features a FastGrab tab on the right-hand side, giving you split-second access to key freely-assignable parameters like aux sends, EQ, compressor and FX on the currently selected or specific channel.

The whole system is set up to dynamically surface the information you need at any moment and put control right at your fingertips.

Right out of the box, Avantis is loaded with powerful processing tools that will easily meet the demands of most users and applications. Want more options? Upgrade your console with Avantis dPack to get additional dLive processing including Dyn8 (up to 16 instances), DEEP Compressors, and the Dual Stage Valve Preamp, plus more models as they’re added.

Allen & Heath has a well-earned reputation for crafting FX emulations that rival the very best third party plug-ins, but with none of the associated hassle.

With a passion bordering on obsession, we’ve created a suite of FX inspired by some of the most revered outboard equipment, including pristine reverbs, detailed delays, and wonderful classic modulation effects.

Best of all, we offer our 12 FX slots with no compromises. Each effect takes up just one of the 12 slots, and each of the 12 FX slots has a dedicated stereo return - so you don’t need to waste your input channels.
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