Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer

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Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer
Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer ThumbnailAllen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer ThumbnailAllen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer Thumbnail
  • Overview

Allen & Heath SQ-5 is a digital mixer capable of expansion upto 48 x input channels and 32 x output channels.

Like the more-expensive dLive series, SQ mixers use Allen & Heath’s powerful XCVI FPGA core engine. This allows impressive 96KHz sample rates to be used. The mixer also has very low latency ( less than 0.7ms ). Ample processing capability is provided to handle high channel / mix counts, FX processing and to allow for future firmware updates.

16 x assignable motorised faders operate across 6 x layers. A separate dedicated master fader is also provided.

The mixer has 16 x high quality onboard mic preamps with 16 x XLR inputs on the back of the mixer. Upto 2 x Allen & Heath DX168 expanders can then be connected to add further inputs. ( SQ mixers are also compatible with Allen & Heath AR84, AB168 and AR2412 stageboxes, but these only allow a sample rate of 48KHz ).

The SQ-5 includes 8 stereo FX engines with dedicated return channels and access to the acclaimed RackExtra FX library.

The SQ-5 also makes an excellent monitor mixer, with upto 12 stereo IEM mixes available (configurable as groups or auxes). SQ is compatible with ME1 and ME500 personal IEM mixers. These can be daisy-chained from the mixer’s SLink port, or from a connected remote expander.

Automatic Mic Mixing is scheduled to be added in Q1 2018 making this mixer particularly well suited to conference sound / panel discussions.

An expansion socket on the mixer allows use of a networking card, such as a Dante card for a digital front-of-house / monitor mic split.

SQ-Drive means that a 96kHz multitrack ( or stereo ) recording can be made of the show by recording directly to a USB drive, without any other hardware requirements.

Also provided is a built-in 32×32 96kHz audio interface for multitrack recording, backing tracks or virtual soundcheck applications. The interface is Core Audio and ASIO compliant and comes complete with MIDI and DAW control capabilities.

SQ5 has been built in a tough, all-metal chassis and has been designed to offer a user-friendly interface, with a 7 inch high resolution touchscreen, illuminated encoders and colour coded channel strip displays.

Dimensions 440mm(w) x 515(d) x 198(h)

Weight 10.5KG

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