Allen & Heath ME-500 Personal IEM Mixer
Allen & Heath ME-500 Personal IEM Mixer ThumbnailAllen & Heath ME-500 Personal IEM Mixer Thumbnail
  • Overview

The Allen & Heath ME-500 personal mixer has been released as a lower-cost alternative to the existing ME-1 unit. Whereas the ME-1 allows upto 40 x sources to be mixed, the ME-500 is designed to be quicker to set-up, more user-friendly for inexperienced users and gives access to 16 x sources.

A clear colour display is provided, but is less detailed than the display on the more expensive ME-1.

Connection and setup is very easy. Multiple units can be connected daisy-chained using locking Ethercon data cables. The units are powered either by the included mains DC PSU or using PoE ( power-over-ethernet ). Power-over-ethernet can be provided by an Allen & Heath ME-U hub.

The ME-500 includes a powerful headphone amp with a limiter built-in to provide hearing protection.

The ME-500 will interface directly with Allen & Heath QU, SQ, GLD and dLive mixers. It is also directly compatible with Aviom A-Net 16 devices.

Third party support for Digico, Yamaha, Avid and other mixers can be provided by using an ME-U hub, which can be fitted with a suitable expansion card.

Use of an ME-U hub also allows the units to be connected in star configuration if required, where different ME-500s ( or groups of ME-500s ) can be connected to separate outputs on the ME-U.

8 x user presets can be stored on the ME-500. Presets can also be saved to a USB key drive if required, for quick upload onto another ME-500 device.

The ME-500 is fitted with a standard 3/8 inch threaded insert, so will mount directly onto the top of a standard mic stand. Alternatively it can simply be surface mounted. However, unlike the ME-1, the ME-500 does not included a side-mount stand bracket or headphone hanger.

Allen & Heath ME-500 Dimensions in mm : 70(h) x 150(l) x 230(w). Weight = 1.1KG.
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