Sennheiser SKP 100 G4 (Range E) Plug-on Transmitter
Sennheiser SKP 100 G4 (Range E) Plug-on Transmitter ThumbnailSennheiser SKP 100 G4 (Range E) Plug-on Transmitter ThumbnailSennheiser SKP 100 G4 (Range E) Plug-on Transmitter Thumbnail
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The Sennheiser SKP100 G4 is designed to enable a dynamic mic with an XLR output to be adapted for wireless use. Please note, the SKP100 G4 does not provide phantom power so does not work with condenser microphones. If phantom power is required, then a 500 Series G4 plug-on system should be used instead.

Included items :

1 x SKP 100 G4 plug-on transmitter with 42MHz tuning bandwidth
2 x AA batteries
1 x User guide & frequency planner sheet

• Powerful camera receiver, easily mounted on any kind of camera
• Excellent sound and construction quality
• Easy to use and fast setup time
• Powerful and reliable wireless transmission
• Range: up to 100 meters / 330 feet
• Up to 8 hours of operation time

Range E ( 823-865 MHz )

Range E is a flexible choice for use in the UK and across Europe. Without a licence it can be used in the UK between 863-865 MHz. This is enough bandwidth to allow the use of upto 4 x systems simultaneously.

With a UK radio mic licence, it can be used between 823-832 MHz. This falls under the scope of the revised licence brought into effect in April 2015. This is sufficient bandwidth to alllow the use of upto 13 x simultaneous systems. Access to 823-832 MHz is also well co-ordinated across Europe.

Please phone our Sales Team on 01707 332104 if you have any questions about frequencies and licencing, we will be happy to help.
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